Rare Wehrmacht mustard gas decontamination tablet container


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A very rare, rarely offered german Wehrmacht mustard gas decontamination tablet container (Gelbkreuz Entgiftungsmittel).

We had the big luck to get a bigger depot find of this rare containers.

This container is the rarest version of the well known Losantin-Containers. They were used for decontamination of mustard gas.

Every german soldier had to carry them with his anti-gas equipment.

Normaly they had rectangular containers, but in the later war this round and much bigger containers where produced in a small edition.

The container is 8,5cm high and has a diameter of 3,4cm.

The container is unopened but empty as the losantin has oxidised.

The “Losantin”- adhesive tape has lost adhesion.


An extremely hard to find and very rarely offered container in nice condition!



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